ZERO to ONE Copywriting Resources

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I want this!

ZERO to ONE Copywriting Resources

Kushagra Oberoi
7 ratings

Don't you dare download this! ❌

If you think just consuming these resources will sort your copywriting problems.

It doesn't work like that, love.

You can't get away with being a copy consumer when you want to become a copywriter.

You have to sit down and actually practice writing copy every day. While this document can expand your knowledge of copywriting, it can't:

-Make you a better writer 😏

-Or a stellar marketer 😏

-Or an exceptional salesman 😏

It just helps. Like a supportive best friend or a therapist. You can take advice & start implementing or come back crying and look for solutions when something doesn't work.

But don't be Cinderella and think this is a fairytale where the stars will automatically align in your favor because somebody (Hi! That somebody's me) decided to offer you resources with a minimum barrier to entry.

You are better than that. I know you are!

Now go out, consume this and write a lot of terrible copy so you can get to the good stuff quicker!

On a serious note,

This document is a collection of 48 individual resources divided into 7 categories that helped me go from zero to six figures INR in the last 365 days.

It can help you:

-Copy upskill βœ…

-Build a swipe file βœ…

-Diversify services βœ…

-Understand messaging βœ…

-Learn copywriting from scratch βœ…

-Develop marketing tactics & strategies βœ…

-Create a thriving freelance copywriting business βœ…

And so much more.

Best for:

1. Aspiring copywriters ✨

2. Freelance/in-house copywriters looking to upskill 🫑

3. Media Buyers πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

4. Content Marketers πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ«

5. Founders/business owners πŸ•΄πŸ»

Also, I'll keep updating this resource with your suggestions.


Whatever I find valuableβ€”I'll dump here to keep you updated with the latest & greatest in copywriting.



I want this!

A duplicable notion doc with 47 copywriting resources arranged in 7 categories. You can also download the notion page as a PDF.


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